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The BOOM-Air® Hose Management System was conceptualized to incorporate leading edge technology to solve challenges that have plagued ground support personnel for years. Recognizing the need to change operator mindsets, the unit was conceptualized with special detail given to operator ease of use that promotes usage of the product rather than serve as a hindrance.

The patented design of the BOOM-Air® Hose Management System revolves around the concept in which the hose is compressed as it cycles in and out of storage. From a design perspective, the BOOM-Air® unit is equipped with the numerous features to provide maximum safety, optimal performance, reliability, and efficiency.


home_58Hoses lying around the tarmac are subject to damage from material handling devices, personnel and weather deterioration.

home_59Excess hose results in kinks that restrict airflow. The BOOM-Air® unit deploys only the amount of hose needed, eliminating potential kinks.

home_60Inside the BOOM-Air® unit the hose is safely and securely stored eliminating potential damage and the possibility of hose getting sucked up in to the engine.

Save Time and Money

Deployment speed is at a rapid pace that duplicates the operators pace to ensure quick connection.  Retraction is automatically done with a push of the button requiring no operator attention.  The hose can be dispatched to any desired length with the push of a button.  Minimize and or eliminate annual hose replacement cost due to damage or weather related issues with the hoses laying about the tarmac.